Emmaus reaches thousands of prison inmates all over the world.

Here in the UK we serve prisoners across Britain and Europe.


BORN TO WIN, William MacDonald.

This study will bring you to a point in your life when, through a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, you can begin to live to the glory of God. There is no need for any one of us to feel like born losers. We are born to win!


All of us want to succeed in life. This is especially true for Christian prison inmates who have just been released. One problem they face is making day-to-day choices - something they didn’t have to do behind bars. This study will help you identify areas of your life where obedience to God is needed so that you can succeed in life.


We all need wisdom and guidance. Where can we turn? In the Bible, we turn to Proverbs. In it we find principles for living that will help us as we try to live out our Christian life. This study, while useful to any Christian, is specifically designed for those in prison or on parole.

WALKIN’ THE WALK, Lennie Spitale

The teaching, insights, compassion, understanding, and encouragement the writer has for the incarcerated are based on the Word of God and flow out of his personal experience behind prison walls and his later fulltime ministry to prison inmates since returning to the outside.

MANAGING ANGER GOD’S WAY, Warren Henderson 2 Units

In this course, we will learn about God’s holy anger. Then we’ll begin the difficult task of aligning our selfish anger and unrighteous behaviour with God’s righteousness. This requires each of us to honestly evaluate our anger tendencies, to remove internal conditions that induce angry feelings, and to learn techniques to manage our anger in a God-honouring way.