The words of our logo,  TA PERI EAUTOU are Greek for the things concerning Himself’ taken from the Emmaus Road experience as recorded in Luke 24.27, when two disheartened disciples met the risen Lord and were given an amazing understanding of the scriptures they had never had before. 

' And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, He expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning Himself'

You too could walk the Emmaus Road to a greater understanding and enjoyment of God's Word and a greater appreciation of the Lord Jesus Christ.

EMMAUS is an International Bible Correspondence School, non - denominational in outreach and founded for the purpose of encouraging the systematic study of the Word of God and helping Christians to be equipped for service for the Lord.

From small beginnings in 1942 the work has grown to become the largest, Bible-based Correspondence School in the world. Missionaries and Nationals in many lands appreciate the value of the home study method of Bible instruction and have made Emmaus Courses a vital part of their evangelistic and Bible Teaching Ministries. Today, through the Emmaus correspondence ministry, the Word of God is finding its way past geopolitical barriers and into some of the world's most troubled areas.

Courses are being used to reach the un-reached and teach the un-taught. Currently, people in 110 countries are studying Emmaus courses, available in 125 languages and distributed from more than 1200 Emmaus Bible Centres. About twenty million courses have been distributed around the world.

The work was introduced into the UK in 1951 by Harold Catlow and since that date over one million courses have been distributed.

 The Prison Ministry is a major aspect of our work. It gives us cause for much thanksgiving to God, as we learn of the many students who find the courses a real help in leading them to a knowledge of God and into further service for the Lord. After release students are encouraged to keep using the courses, which continue to be sent free of charge for the first 12 months.

Emmaus is a registered charity. It is a non-profit making organisation supported by the gifts and covenants of Christians.


The commencement of the work of the

 Emmaus Bible School in the UK

was due to the vision of

Harold Catlow (1913 - 1994).

To read the challenging story of how the Lord

worked in Harold's life, click on the file below.


'Harold Catlow was a man whom I not only admired, but whom I greatly respected. He was a man who 'walked with God' and served Him faithfully as this story of his life reveals. He was a man of great vision and indefatigable energy, of tremendous enthusiasm, and very high standards. He was lovingly and sacrificially supported by his dear wife Louie.'

                                               John J. Grice

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